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BestPractice Day 2017: How companies can successfully shape their transformation

Der führende Lean Management Kongress in Europa.

May 5th, 2017 | Staufen AG

Europe’s leading Lean Management Congress, featuring international leadership and change experts

The key focus of the BestPractice Day, Europe’s leading Lean Management Congress, is the current state of industrial, technological, and societal change. On July 4 and 5, in Darmstadt, in keeping with this year’s slogan “Go further - Learn. Lead. Design the change”, international lean pioneers and industry leaders will demonstrate how companies can successfully shape their digital transformation.

This year, the two keynote speakers for the BestPractice Day 2017 are Daniel T. Jones, founder of the Lean Enterprise Academy and author of the lean classics “The Machine That Changed the World” and “Lean Thinking”, and Pierre Masai, Chief Information Office (CIO) and Vice President (VP) of Information Systems - Toyota Motor Europe.

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BestPractice Day 2016: Lean Leadership essential prerequisite for the success of Industry 4.0

BestPractice Day 2016

12.07.2016 | Staufen AG

Digitalization continues to drive the German economy forward. A cause for concern are not so much the technical challenges but the incredible speed and scope of changes that employees have to face. At this year’s BestPractice Day by the Staufen consultancy, the more than 350 participants thus agreed: Only companies with a serious focus on leadership and employee development, implementing both as the core of their strategy will actually realize the potentials of digital transformation.

 “Learning is the strategy“ is the succinct summary by Prof. Daniel T. Jones who as co-author of the global bestseller “The machine that changed the world” just over 25 years ago played a pivotal part in paving the way for Lean Management in Germany. “The goal must be to learn faster than the competition”, Jones continued his presentation, thus putting employees at the center right at the start of Europe’s largest Lean Management congress.

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The "Toyota Kata" efficiency boost: now the improvement drive is taking hold of German industry, too / Kata expert Bill Costantino to speak at the BestPractice Day

Bill Costantino (W3 Group)
Bill Costantino, W3 Group

28.04.2015 | Michael Hahn (Staufen AG) and Bill Costantino (W3 Group)

Car manufacturers have again forged ahead in the search for opportunities to boost additional potential efficiencies. Now more and more German industrial companies from other sectors, too, are backing a new management method: Toyota Kata. The aim is to systematically improve processes through changes in management behaviour. According to the experiences of the Staufen management consultancy this enables significant improvements to be achieved, such as efficiency increases of up to 20 percent.

"Although production systems based on the Toyota model are now standard in numerous German factories, many companies have to acknowledge that no lasting continuous improvement process has become established despite all the efforts that have been made," says Michael Hahn, Business Unit Director at the Staufen AG management consultancy. "This is precisely where Toyota Kata comes in, since it focuses intensely on achieving a lasting change in the management culture within the company."

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The Iron Man strategy: Why industry 4.0 needs its own cappuccino vision

Slatco Sterzenbach

14.04.2015 | Staufen AG  

The departure towards a digital, connected future that is currently taking place in a large number of companies should be well considered and must not constitute an end in itself. Such is the conviction of Slatco Sterzenbach, 17 times Iron Man and best-selling writer. In early June, the coach will explain to visitors of the Staufen Management Consultancy's BestPractice Day in Darmstadt why their implementation of Industry 4.0 is bound to fail if it is launched without clearly defined goals.

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BestPractice Day 2015: Lean Management to ensure Industry 4.0 success

20.01.2015 | Staufen AG

Only 27 percent  of industrial companies in Germany have actively looked at possible Smart-Factory projects, as revealed by the Staufen consultancy's "German Industry 4.0 Index". A majority of these companies apparently does not yet feel ready for the transition to a networked factory. It is true that some homework needs to have been completed before a successful transition can be started. Being lean and efficient is imperative to set off into the world of Industry 4.0. Lean Management and digitalisation go hand in hand. Making a successful transition into a smart factory is the topic of discussion with leading representatives from manufacturing industries together with scientific experts at the Staufen AG "BestPractice Day 2015" in Darmstadt from 8 to 10 June 2015.

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Report of the BestPractice Day 2013 - Death zone of mediocrity: Experts in lean principles warn top managers against remaining in their own comfort Zone

12 June 2013 | Staufen AG

50% of executives still see lean management as nothing but a hawker's tray of methods, from which to cherry-pick a few choice bits. This error can quickly take a company into the death zone of mediocrity; this was the central message of the Staufen AG "Best Practice Day 2013" in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt. National and international experts at Europe's leading congress on lean management all agreed: a company wanting to reap the profits of a change-over to lean management cannot avoid the sometimes painful change and development of its management and leadership culture.

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'BestPractice Day': German SMEs condemned to top performance

15 April 2013 | Staufen AG

How to conquer China's markets?

German medium-sized companies face new challenges in further expanding into the fast-growing Chinese sales market. Market presence and customer engagement in the Middle Kingdom frequently remain under-developed: For example, 84 per cent of Chinese require better service performance from German suppliers in future - one in two customers is critical of their 'latent arrogance'. Leading lights from the manufacturing sector in China, Germany and the USA will be discussing how German firms can succeed with this process of adaptation at the 'BestPractice Day 2013' hosted by Staufen AG on 4 and 5 June 2013 in Darmstadt.

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Interview with Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

January 2013, Staufen AG

Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma have now been practiced by organizations in all sectors throughout the world for many years. The basic concepts trace back more than 50 years. There are many positive reports of companies that have literally changed the... 

Interview with Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

Powers of Recall - Toyota Expert Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

January 2013, ANALYSIS

Toyota’s reputation has been hit in recent years by a series of product recalls. Toyota expert Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker considers the corporation’s quality heritage and asks whether recent incidents are true indicators of quality failures

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