Workshops - 5th July

Workshop A | Smart Factory (2 days) - BestPractice Tour

Workshop host: 
Thomas Rohrbach, Managing Director, STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX GmbH

Location: Darmstadt (Germany)
Partner: Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI)
               Bosch Rexroth
In cooperation with: STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX GmbH


Industry 4.0 is one of the defining terms in the modern production environment. The 4th industrial revolution can only succeed through the integration of efficient processes, clever IT solutions and new technology with your people. In the future, "knowledge" and "ability" are decisive here! Digitalization strengthens your competitiveness decisively. Significant efficiency and flexibility advantages result in reduced cost structures coupled with increased agility. Digital products and innovative business models open new markets.

However, in addition to the digital linking of technologies, processes and organizations, people are the number one success factor. Therefore, aspects such as the changed roles of the people who work in smart environments, as well as the effects on the organizations involved, won’t be missing. We give insights into smart facets and practical application in factory visits and make I 4.0 accessible. Exchange experiences with digital pioneers!

Workshop B | Lean Thinking Strategy - Leading and learn (in English)

Workshop host: 
Prof. Daniel T. Jones, Founder Lean Enterprise Academy und Author of „Lean Thinking” 
Markus Franz, Director Academy, STAUFEN.
Remco Peters, Partner, STAUFEN.

Location: Darmstadt (Institut PTW / TU Darmstadt)
Partner: Lean Enterprise Academy



Leading a sustained Lean Transformation is not a walkover! Lean must be led strategically from the top, if it is to be sustained, and yet there is still a lot of confusion about what this means for leaders. This workshop will reflect on experiences to date and what it takes to turn learning at every level into business results.

Learn more about the evolution of lean and the Toyota Production System as a learning system. What do leaders need to learn and how can they build the capabilities for continuous dynamic improvement rather than optimization throughout the organization? What does respect for people mean in this context? And what is the role of line management and teams in creating stability? – We will comprise a series of structured discussions defining current challenges and the next steps each leader can take. 

Workshop C | Change as chance - Get your brain on pole position

Workshop host: 
Slatco Sterzenbach, Bestselling author, Mental coach und Extreme athlete
Roland Beuter, Director Academy, STAUFEN.
Janice Köser, Manager Academy, STAUFEN.

Location: Darmstadt (darmstadtium)
Partner: Sterzenbach GmbH


We dream of changes in life. But what do we do for this? Comfort and fear of change are human. Understandable. But we can (and must) overcome the fear of breaking into the unknown. And we even manage to achieve goals that we initially consider to be completely unrealistic. The key to this is self-motivation!

Behind Slatco Sterzenbach's IRON.MIND concept, the success formula is to develop unimaginable forces and provide top performance. Under the motto ‘Winners think differently,’ new dimensions of success apply: Instead of "Higher, more rapid, continue. Sales" it is important to focus on “sustainable, healthy, joyous. Benefit." Use the power of thoughts in your everyday life for yourself and not against yourself. Unite your own vision with the corporate vision. Not least, unconscious motivation strategies and metaprograms work for you AND your employees.

Workshop D | Value stream analysis 4.0 - Methodic link of Lean Production and I 4.0

Workshop host: 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Metternich, Representative institute director, PTW / TU Darmstadt
Tobias Meudt, Research associate, PTW / TU Darmstadt
Michael Feldmeth, Associate, STAUFEN

Location: Darmstadt (Learning factory PTW / TU Darmstadt)
PartnerInstitute PTW / TU Darmstadt


The opinions on industry 4.0 range from panacea to devastating criticism. However, new methods that are applicable are not widely used so far within industries. In this application-oriented workshop, you will learn how to systematically examine a Brownfield production environment for digital potentials and what good-practice solutions look like.

The detection of digital waste on the shop floor is just as much a focus as a handy solutions for industry 4.0.

Workshop E | Lean Management - Company-wide excellence

Workshop host: 
Dr. Mark Hiller, Managing Director, RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG
Joachim Ley, Vice President Supply Chain, RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG
Harald Knoke, Partner, STAUFEN.

Location: Schwäbisch Hall
Partner: RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG


The airline industry is under immense price and development pressure. Responsibility for complete modules and systems is therefore increasingly transferred to suppliers. It is essential to work continuously on the optimization of our own processes to become more flexible and faster.

Learn more about the key indicators of Lean companies! They ensure interdisciplinary cooperation throughout the organization and beyond. They adapt Lean from production around the company and continue to develop it consistently. Get to know a top-performing company that has steadily optimized its management processes and organization with recognized methods and has consistently taken the path to Lean Enterprise.

Workshop F | Shopfloor Management as leading instrument

Workshop host: 
Kristina Tretiak, Project Engineer Lean Management, LTLS Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services
Emanuel Verheijen, Regional Account Manager, LTLS Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services
Markus Riegger, Senior Partner, STAUFEN.

Location: Frankfurt am Main
Partner: Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH



Today, the term shop floor management is much more than just “In”. That is why it is also entering the logistic industry increasingly. Shop floor management stands for systematically improved leadership and organization on the way to a lean company. Methods applied are aimed at the regular improvement of the interaction between management and employees. By increasing transparency, a proactive problem-solving culture succeeds. Thanks to short-cycle control, on unpredictable deviations can be reacted quickly.

The managers and Lean leaders themselves are the drivers with which disruptive work and performance improvements are sustainably achieved. Take your time to reflect your own role in the process of change, and guide future fields of action.

Workshop G | Kata - Stable processes, structured problem solving, daily CIP

Workshop host: 
Michael Kieser, Director Production, Husqvarna GmbH
Stephan Panian, Partner, STAUFEN.

Location: Ulm / Gerstetten-Heuchlingen
Partner: Husqvarna Deutschland



Within the Lean transformation process sustainability cannot be ensured by the sole introduction of methods. Rather, the leadership performance is a key success factor. At Husqvarna, an important step was taken with the implementation of Kata to anchor the Husqvarna Operating System (HOS) as a way of thinking and working in the learning organization.

The focus is on employees and leaders who are approaching a previously agreed target state in a common, recurring routine (kata). In day-to-day CIP, mentor-mentee-based processes are optimally optimized on a shop floor level to ensure the further development of the Lean transformation. This leads to significant results in productivity enhancement, quality improvement, and throughput reduction.

Workshop H | Before Lean and after Lean – A medium-sized company in change

Workshop host: 
Jörg Martin, Leiter Produktion, Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH
Stefan Munsch, Geschäftsführer, Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH
Joachim Steinke, Principal, STAUFEN.

Location: Ransbach-Baumbach
Partner: Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH


After 10 years of Lean transformation, Munsch gives unprecedented insights into the possibilities and limits of change. Especially in the start-up phase of change processes, a clear approach involving all stakeholders is a key success factor. The implementation of individual Lean methods does neither lead to a successful nor to a long-term success. Thus, punctual improvements in assembly, TPM, SMED, and Kanban were unsustainable and forced constant reanimation.

"Lean" became an important leadership task and therefore a part of the corporate culture, this happened only through the implementation of shop floor management. Todays´ need for action becomes clear by improved transparency. The day-to-day business has strong potential for CIP and approaches for further optimization projects. Cultural change is accompanied by a noticeable in leadership performance. The management’ understanding of their roles changed from “manager” to “active drivers” of the improvement process. Get an insight into a transforming factory and accompany the executives in their daily routine.

Workshop I | Industry 4.0 – Data Science Application in industrial environment

Workshop host: 
Michael Mauer, Head of Engineering, Gasoline High Pressure Pump, Continental AG, Division Powertrain
Amir Cviko, Senior Partner, STAUFEN.

Location: Darmstadt (darmstadtium)
Partner: Continental AG and Georg Fischer GmbH


Companies are constantly faced with countless decisions. But does digitization really help? Can it speed up decision-making processes by increasing transparency? Within the framework of the 4th Industrial Revolution, real-time processing of incomprehensible volumes of weakly or completely unstructured data is entering the business segments. In addition to the production environment in which these technologies are often first suspected, they can already provide valuable decision support at an early stage during product development.

Get valuable insights into data science applications in the industrial environment at Continental (prototype construction) as well as Georg Fischer (production). Via live broadcast, you can also witness real experiences on the way from Big Data to Smart Data.

Workshop J | Shopfloor Management in indirect and direct areas

Workshop host: 
Christian Mayer, Technical Director, Max Holder GmbH
David Gänsbacher, Principal, STAUFEN.

Location: Metzingen
Schedule: 07.00h - 16.30h
Partner: Max Holder GmbH



How can the successful Lean transformation be managed – from Lean production to a lean company? The success factor for cultural change at HOLDER was the introduction of a comprehensive shop floor management system in direct and indirect business areas. Transparent visualization, easy understanding and manageability play a key role in this. Get to know and use shop floor management as a tool for improving leadership and communication to ensure process stability, quality, and delivery reliability.

Benefit from experience reports on initial implementation projects and obstacles towards the development of a holistic value creation system with the help of shop floor management. Take part in the morning cascade and learn how ‘right’ leadership determines the success (or failure) of a lean company. Get valuable insights into the everyday life of an innovative medium-sized company that is worth it!