Review BestPractice Day 2013

In global competition exists an elite. It is comprised of companies that reach outstanding business performance over a long period of time. In addition to clear positioning in the market and against the competition, a consistent and targeted improvement of product and processes is required. Consistent lean transformation in all business areas, supported by the correct leadership and infrastructure provides the best option for companies developing towards the ultimate goal of becoming a ‘Lean Enterprise’ – in the global market, on the client side and in-house.

Top performance is the goal. Lean transformation is the way.

Staufen AG
PTW der TU Darmstadt

Greetings from Dr. Marcus Chao and Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

Dr. Marcus Chao,
President, Lean Enterprise China

“China is a global manufacturing center. We have seen lean thinking help Chinese companies eliminate waste and create more value for their product users, investors, workers, and the society. We want to see lean thinking applied more globally.”

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker,
Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan

“Lean, six sigma, and lean six sigma have now been practiced by organizations in all sectors throughout the world for many years. The basic concepts trace back more than 50 years. There are many positive reports of companies that have literally changed the game in their industries using these methods and management principles. Unfortunately there are many more that have been disappointed by clear improvements in processes that slip backward and reported cost savings that mysteriously disappear over time. We believe the path to sustainable competitive advantage is leaders shaping a culture of continuous improvement.”