Review BestPractice Day 2015

After 2013's success with more than 300 decision-makers, our BestPractice Day 2015 was characterized by lean processes, excellent organisations and especially the people involved.


Everything in hype? To count to the winners in the international competition and to maintain the industry location Germany, all processes have to be improved continuously along the value chain. Production systems and Lean Management are often understood only as toolbox from which you can make use of as required, to optimize processes selectively: without considering the overall situation, the method sequence and the involvement of employees. In the short term this can work out. Sustainability will not be generated, frustration will be the result. What constitutes the company success is the continuous forward movement and constant improvement – with the involvement of all processes, people and the entire organisation. Lean does not end in the production. It is a holistic company topic in all areas. Successful entrepreneurs and managers took our participants on their lean-journey and talked about their experiences on the way to a unique value-added system.