Review BestPractice Day 2016

The BestPractice Day 2016 was fully dedicated to the question „Why Lean Transformation?“ – In order to be among the winners in the global competition and also maintain a business presence in Germany, processes along the entire length of the value chain require continuous improvement. At this point, companies have realized that their toolbox approach to production systems and Lean Management (on an as required basis) is not sufficient. Selective optimization might work in the short run, but cannot generate sustainability. It is more about looking at the big picture, consistently using a logical sequence of methods and involving employees – company-wide, even worldwide. What determines company success is a continuous advancement in terms of constant improvement, involving all processes and its people.

To cut a long story short: Lean does not stop at the production level! It is a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of a company! International lean leaders will share examples of benchmarks they have reached in both production-related and administrative areas, and report on the leadership experiences they encountered on their way to entrepreneurial Top-Performance.

An exciting range of topics appeared on the agenda:

… What have we learned since “The Machine That Changed the World”
… Developing Lean Leaders by teaching Lean Thinking
… From Lean Production to a Lean Company
… Future fields of Lean: Banking, Construction, Virtual Shop Floor Management
… Global Lean Transformation – Excellence in Emerging Markets
… The “Lean view” on Industry 4.0
… Lean Leadership and Leadership Excellence – Value creation through appreciation