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Why companies (have to) become a community of values.
Europe’s leading lean conference has record participation with 400 participants.

BestPractice Day 2018

CONFERENCE | July 3 | in Darmstadt
WORKSHOPS | July 4 | at and with our BestPractice partners
SMART FACTORY TOUR | July 4-5 | Bosch Rexroth, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, SEW-EURODRIVE, Lufthansa Technik LS

In cooperation with:

Produktionsmanagement, Technologie und Werkzeugmaschinen (PTW) der TU Darmstadt
Media Partner: Wirtschaftswoche, Organisationsentwicklung und Produktion

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The rules of the game have changed. Those who want to be at the head of the pack have to keep moving.
This is why we want to invite you on behalf of all of our partners and contributors to take part in Europe's leading conference on Lean management.

BestPractice Day has established itself as a platform where decision makers from the industry and business world can meet.

Become a part of this multi-facetted forum for exchanging information.
It was designed for members of the executive board and senior management, heads of facilities and operations, decision makers from the industry and the business world.

And last but not least, experts in the world of Lean. Become a part of European leading lean management event.

  • Over 350 corporate decision makers

  • Over 30 top-tier international experts

  • Over 20 corporate case studies

  • BestPractices you can experience up close


Let us inspire you!

Over 30 top-tier international experts from business, the industry and research will present benchmark case studies from over 20 organizations. Let yourself be inspired by their valuable experiences which you can apply to your own path towards top performance.



  • Answers to the question: lean, agile, digital?
  • Excellent processes throughout the entire value chain
  • Encounters and learning from each other “at eye level”
  • Benchmark examples of Lean and the digital transformation
  • Room for improvement — regardless of the industry, size of your business or position


Top Topics 2018

Until 08.15Check-In. Warm-Up
08.30Opening Remarks
Wilhelm Goschy | COO | STAUFEN.
08.35The future of Work - megatrends and tipping points for the next 520 weeks
Lars Thomsen | Futurologist and Founder | future matters
09.20The Lean Turnaround - Lean is all about people
Art Byrne | Lean Guru, Autor "The Lean Turnaround"
10.00Learn. Lead. Design the Change - excellence through transformation
Dr. Guido Hanel | COO | Kiekert AG
10.45Power Break.
11.15From Lean Toyota 1.0 to Lean Industry 4.0
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer | Executive Director Fraunhofer IAO and Technology Commissioner for Baden-Württemberg
12.00Keynote: Are managers caught in the change trap?
Frank Krause | Director Competence Development | STAUFEN.
12.20Executive Talk: Work changes - Brave New Work vs. Back to Basics?
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer (Fraunhofer IAO), Dr. Mark Hiller (RECARO), Lars Thomsen (future matters),
Hans J. Steininger (MT Aerospace), Dr. Guido Hanel (Kiekert)
13.00Lunch Break.
14.15Parallel Trend Panels - Choose your topic!
16.45Power Break.
17.15Analog management in a digital business world
Hans J. Steininger | CEO | MT Aerospace
18.00The power of rhetoric - anything but boring
René Borbonus | Public speaking expert and communication trainer

Enjoy a relaxed meet & greet after the formal program.



Expand your network.

Thomas Pabst, Head of Operations Central Europe, KSB Aktiengesellschaft

Lean - learn - change: Excellent reports on these topics that depict the full context and clearly show that the only way to success involves all three pillars. An important emphasis on leadership as a vital component of achieving change readiness in a company.

Jochen Roth, Lean Experte Operations, Precitec Optronik GmbH

The topic "Go Further" was handled brilliantly. It was important to me that the relevance of employee integration and development was brought up repeatedly.

Michael Tregner, Geschäftsführer, Dometic Group

Well-balanced combination of professional focus and hands-on experience.


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Sponsors and media partners


5meter bietet alles aus einer Hand: Vom einzelnen Kickertisch bis zum kompletten Event – immer freundlich, flexibel und auf den Punkt. Tischfußball ist unsere Leidenschaft und unser Kerngeschäft. Doch auch das Drumherum spielt bei uns eine zentrale Rolle. Deshalb bieten wir neben einem breit gefächerten Spiel- und Unterhaltungsangebot mit Tischtennis, Tippkick, Billard, Mindball, Torwand, Menschenkicker, und Wii auch konzeptionelle Unterstützung bei der Planung und Ausführung Ihrer Veranstaltung.

Auf Basis unserer langjährigen Erfahrung mit vielen unterschiedlichen Kunden und Veranstaltungen erstellen wir gerne individuelle Vorschläge für Ihr Event ‒ von der passenden Location und dem idealen Catering für Ihre Geburtstagsfeier über das kongressbegleitende Rahmenprogramm bis zum aufmerksamkeitsstarken Messestand.

Und um unser Team immer optimal auf Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen zu können, arbeiten wir eng mit vielen weiteren Top-Playern zusammen, wie Tischfussballprofis, Moderatoren, Eventfotografen und DJs.

Bosch Connected Industry

Bosch Connected Industry pools Industry 4.0 software and services in a comprehensive portfolio. Headed by Dr. Stefan Aßmann, 500 associates in Germany, Hungary and China are developing and marketing software solutions for connected production and logistics. Bosch Connected Industry’s objective is to support customers in connecting their entire value streams. The portfolio extends from starter kits through to complete packages including consulting and implementation. Together, the solutions make employees’ lives easier and optimize production and logistics processes regarding transparency, agility, cost, quality and time.

brainLight GmbH

By today, brainLight GmbH has become an international market leader and a leading developer in the field of unique, holistic relaxation systems. The brain is helped to clarity through stimulation by advanced audio-visual technology, which is used simultaneously with a sophisticated Shiatsu-Massage Chair to provide deep physical regeneration. This combination of contemperaneous relaxation for body and mind is what makes the brainLight products unique in the world.

ESB Business School Reutlingen (RZI 4.0)

The ESB Business School of Reutlingen University has a digital and realistic physical teaching-, research- and demonstration environment: the Logistics- Learning-factory of the ESB Business School, a pilot factory for Industrie 4.0.
To illustrate the innovative infrastructure of the ESB Logistics - Learningfactory, the competence spectrum and the Reutlinger Zentrum Industrie 4.0 (RZI 4.0), a cooperation between the ESB Business School and the Fraunhofer Institutes IAO and IPA in Stuttgart, professors, scientists and master students have realized a scalable, holistic demonstrator in the context of Industrie 4.0 designed, developed and personalized with the smart product “sunglasses".

infpro Institut für Produktionserhaltung e.V.

The Institute for Production Conservation e.V. (infpro) deals with the preservation, development and promotion of production and development at high-wage European Union sites. The institute is interested in maintaining and sustaining production and development at European high-wage locations under fair competition. The institute is as an advocacy group for all manufacturing companies with integrated development / research.

A strong interdisciplinary orientation of the members with close ties to business and politics is the foundation of the institute. The focus on a competitive creation of value creation is the core theme of the institute. "It is important to develop from an export world champion to a world champion of value creation!"

noonee germany GmbH

noonee’s Chairless Chair® is a wearable, ergonomic seating and posture support for employees, that enables sitting everywhere. This Wearable Ergonomic Mechanic Device has been especially designed for the industry sector and backs up your workers’ backs.

peakboard GmbH

Peakboard is an all-in-one solution consisting of software and hardware for the aggregation of data from various sources and their visualization in real time. A central server is not required as each Peakboard visualizes the data independently.
Peakboard accesses a data source directly via WLAN or LAN, aggregates the data for visualization and transmits it via an HDMI cable to the desired (large) screen, for example in logistics, production or administration. Possible data sources range from machines, sensors, ERP systems such as SAP to Excel and cloud solutions.
The focus is to combine the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

PTW Technische Universität Darmstadt

The Institut of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) teaches and researches in the fields of High-speed machining, design and dimensioning of machine tools and components, concept development and implementation of lean production systems as well as energy efficiency.

At the STAUFEN. BestPractice Day, the PTW provides information on the topics Lean Quality, Tracebility and Smart Maintenenace. Guided by the slogan “Synergy of Lean and Industrie 4.0” the PTW demonstrates how digitalization and connectivity provides new potentials for lean production systems. Questions like “how can tracebility concepts be used to realise poka-yoke systems?” or “how can connected sensors support a lean maintenance concept (smart maintenance)?” will be discussed. In addition, the PTW provides information on the offers of the “Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Darmstadt”.

Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme GmbH

Magnets are a functional solution for all applications where ferro-bearing surfaces allow reliable and releasable connections. The application area for the magnetic products of Schallenkammer Magnetsysteme GmbH is correspondingly large. They are used in logistics (shelf labeling) and processing technology, as well as in information technology (printed magnetic labels), in electrical engineering (contactors) or in packaging technology (security systems).

Printed magnets and magnetic shields from Schallkammer Magnetsysteme support the CIP, Lean and Kaizen processes. They are used for labeling in office and warehouse and for the visualization of value streams, it can be printed with text and logos or as headings for information boards. Magnetic symbols are produced in various shapes, individually produced and printed as desired.

St. Galler Business School

The St. Gallen Business School (SGBS) is one of the largest and most renowned management seminar providers in the German-speaking world. As a privately organized, independent and neutral institution, 90 highly qualified speakers and trainers train more than 3000 leading personalities from business and administration each year.

Highly qualified participants are to be taught the latest findings from research and teaching in a very practical and thus clear, translatable form. The St. Gallen management concept allows the diversity of business knowledge to be divided into modularly structured units without losing the overall overview.

Staufen AG

Inside every company is an even better one. This is the conviction which Staufen has applied in consulting and training companies and employees around the world for over twenty years. Markets are in motion, and competitive pressure is massive. Staufen helps you implement the appropriate changes quickly, increase productivity, improve quality and optimize innovative strength.
International Lean Management Consulting provides the right strategies and methods to create rapid and measurable successes. To leverage the potential that exists in every company, Staufen’s consultants work with managers and employees to achieve a dynamic and sustainable culture of change. The Staufen subsidiary Staufen Digital Neonex assists mid-sized manufacturing companies along their path towards digital transformation. The Staufen Academy also offers certified hands-on training programs.
Staufen has over 280 employees who serve clients all over the world. In 2017, Staufen won the "brand eins Wissen" award for Best Consultant for the fourth time in a row. According to the highly regarded industry study Hidden Champions 2018, the company was named Germany's best Lean management consultant, and the economic magazine "Wirtschaftswoche" has awarded it the "Best of Consulting" prize numerous times.


STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is THE consulting and qualification company for the Digital Transformation of the industry and B2B companies with a focus on Digital Strategy, Digital Portfolio, Smart Factory and Data Science.

As a subsidiary of STAUFEN. AG, STAUFEN.DIGITAL offer its customers an accustomed pragmatic approach to actively shaping their Digital Transformation and the resulting change. At the same time, they qualify companies, their management and employees, as well as the entire organization to meet the challenges of a digitalized economy within the Digital Transformation Academy. Together with STAUFEN.DIGITAL, set off for top performance!


ValueStreamer® serves as a control tool for the simple and efficient management of your entire project environment. ValueStreamer®, the virtual Shop Floor Management tool, permits efficient top-down and bottom-up information in complex processes. In that way, this leadership tool allows management a drill-down across all levels.

ValueStreamer® is based on the Shop Floor Management system and virtualizes this methodology by the latest cloud technologies. Through optimum visualization, ValueStreamer® thus makes it possible to use this methodology particularly in decentralized projects and processes. This results in the transparent visualization of project status, performance indicators and required actions. Employees have clear access to all tasks at all times, and managers can identify the need for action at a glance.

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